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Owner/Podcast Host - Adam Corsair (@AdamCorsair)

Look, I get it. I already know what you're thinking. I get it from all angles. A guy born and raised in Rhode Island that's a die-hard Jays and Raptors fan? Where is Rhode Island?! Well, it's the smallest state in the United States, about 430 miles/692 kilometers south of Toronto (hence, the site's name). Moreover, a guy who's inundated with New England-based sports that hates the Red Sox and Celtics? What do I know about Toronto sports?

Actually, a lot more than you probably think. Knowing how protective and, let's face it, possessive Toronto sports fans are of their teams, I can understand why you'd feel both guarded and skeptical of my fanhood. Let me explain. Fair warning - a little bit of hyperbole follows.

I was told at a young age to pick a team and - no matter what - stick with them. Needless to say, I've picked these two teams and I have stuck with them. I'm not what you'd call a bandwagon fan. I still own that terrible Jays hat with the logo Riccardi somehow found appealing (see above). But I digress...

From afar, I've shared your frustrations with Rogers ownership unwilling to spend; treating the Jays like a small-market team, yet being the richest ownership in Major League Baseball. I've shared your frustrations with the Raptors being treated as the red-headed step child of the NBA; while always knowing (yes, we DO know this) that the they're getting disrespected by, not just the referees, but the NBA as a whole. I, as an American, have shared the same angst towards other Americans that fail to give the praise and admiration that both the Jays and the Raptors deserve (looking at you, ESPN). Countless times I've quickly shot down the assumptions regarding Toronto sports fans of being obnoxious, belligerent, misguided, and irrational by indicating how there is no fanbase that is more passionate than ours. We are much more than loud fouled mouth fans that throw beer cans on to fields (IT WAS ONE TIME, OK?!). We're a rare breed. These emotions reach south of the border. I'm with you.

Once I discovered that a person's region doesn't necessarily dictate his/her allegiance to a given sports team, I became both fearless and shameless when it comes to representing the Jays and Raptors. Thus, I decided that I should voice the aforementioned frustrations and, let's face it, opinions on the teams that I love in a way that allows the (predominately) Canadian audience to be aware that there is at least one individual that recognizes not only how special these two teams are, but also how beautiful the city of Toronto is.

I'm not here to step on toes or to try to take over other blogs and podcasts by individuals that are light-years smarter than I'll ever be. I'm only trying to offer you a different perspective from a New Englander. 

Since I started this website and podcast, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to interact with many like-minded fans that have been overwhelmingly receptive to the work done. Moreover, the site has grown and expanded thanks in large part to the amazing writers that have joined the team! The hard work that each individual writer and participant here at South of the 6ix is highly valued and appreciated. Please support our team by following us on Twitter and by sharing our content! You can find each member of the team HERE!

I love interacting with fellow fans of both franchises, so don't be afraid to hit me on Twitter. My personal handle is @AdamCorsair. Don't be shy. I'm not mean. You can/should also follow the site's Twitter @SouthOfThe6ix so you can be updated on all the new posts and podcasts that are uploaded here. 

I appreciate your support, eyes, and ears. Go Raptors! Go Jays Go!