Here are some other awesome Jays and/or Raptors blogs that have, in some way, a partnership or affiliation with SOT6. I encourage you to check out any of these blogs, if you haven't already! Some really good content from people that work very hard. 

Side note - If you'd like your page to be featured here, feel free to drop me a line! You can visit the Contact Page to... well, to get in contact with me. Anyway, on to the Affiliates!

Jays Droppings

Check out Ryan DiFrancesco's page dedicated to the Jays with a humorous, yet informative, twist. Ryan keeps you in-the-know with all the recent Jays news (or Droppings... get it?) on both his webpage and his Instagram page. You can also follow Ryan on Twitter @angry_jays! A must follow for all Jays fans!