Jays To Unveil New (Red) Alternate Jersey Friday 1/20

Well this is certainly interesting. Apparently, as the title suggests, the Jays will be unveiling a new Alternate jersey that we can all spend money on! The jersey will be red with a matching red cap and will be only worn on Sunday home games.

Don't get me wrong - I always dug the Canada Day/Canada Baseball Day jerseys and thought that it brought out a sense of Canadian pride to show off for the entire country. But I think that's what made the jerseys so unique - it was always, at most, twice a year. This may be a little bit of overkill; specifically since the name of the goddamn team is.... oh I don't know... the BLUE Jays!

The red jerseys that they wore on the aforementioned special occasions were to highlight the notion that these occasions were to celebrate something Canadian. Now, it's as if the Jays are just shelling out new merchandise for us to buy so they can get richer (ya fuckin' think!?).

In all honesty, I don't really care. If once in a while they're representing the colors of Canada, then it's whatever. I just hope they don't start pushing this to be a more-than-once-in-a-while type of thing. It kind of, ya know, contradicts the team's name and identity. I'm just happy that they didn't extend the whole navy-blue experiment they conducted last season.

But hey, what the fuck do I know, right?