Jarrod Saltalamacchia Signs One-Year Deal With The Blue Jays

Well there ya go. The Blue Jays signed Jarrod Saltala.....Saltalam......Saltalamacc (OK, know what? Saltimbocca sounds good!) to a one year minor-league deal. Should Saltimbocca make the team, he will be making a cool $1.25MM plus an extra $250K in incentives.

This is very good. The Jays were able to sign a serviceable backup catcher on the cheap who can switch hit and, oh hey, look! He won a World Series once upon a time! All kidding aside though, I am very much for this move. It allows Russel Martin to hand off the duties behind the plate every fifth day or so, AND it allows A.J. Jimenez to further develop and see (if we're being honest here) if he's worth holding on to as the catcher of the future.

Although last year wasn't the best of years for Saltimbocca, the signing wasn't aimed to be anything better than a backup role, if that. For all we know the Jays can cut lose with him and not be on the hook for that cool $1.25MM. There's literally no obligation other than a chance to make the team on the Jays' behalf. It's smart.

It's not meant to turn any heads. It's meant to fill holes. The chances of Martin getting hurt (ya know... with that World Baseball Classic/Shortstop thing......) are something that we can bet on, for the most part. Having a backup catcher with at least some Major League experience is good to have. And Saltimbocca has more than some!

I like it. Shit on it if you must. Or ya know... don't.