Blue Jays To Sign J.P. Howell

The Jays continue to fill in holes in their overall lineup by signing left-handed reliever, J.P. Howell, (physical pending) to a one-year deal worth $3M. This, according to Buster Onley - 


It's not an incredibly sexy pickup, but left-handed relief pitching tends to come at a premium. Although he's not lights out, he has a fastball that averages approximately 85 MPH, along with a decent curve and changeup. Left-handed hitters have posted a .624 OPS against him during the course of his career. However, to be fair, they posted a .760 OPS against him last season.  With a career 3.77 ERA, he's actually been quite reliable even if last year his performance was less than great, as he posted a 4.09 ERA over 64 games. 

I think the Jays are looking for Howell to be more of a middle relief pitcher, rather than anything late inning in close game situations. Which, sure, why not? There are certainly much worse LHR pitchers that the Jays could have acquired.

But hey! A signing!