Try Not To Vomit: My Message To Michael Felger


Article Written by Adam Corsair (@ACorsair21)

I could begin this article with some cliché statement like "I don't know where to begin!" or "Where do I start?" or something like that, but I'm so disgusted that I'd rather just get right into it.

Michael Felger, a radio personality for one of the local sports stations here in New England - 98.5 The Sports Hub - had a rather revolting and nauseating take regarding Roy Halladay's untimely, tragic, and unfortunate death. If you haven't listened to it, here's 11 minutes of pure and utter bullshit. Try not to vomit - 

I'd love to get into a battle of wits with this guy, but unfortunately he'd arrive without the appropriate arsenal and would be at a severe disadvantage. If you haven't listened, basically Felger's take is that Halladay - who passed away less than 36 hours ago - deserved to die for "thrill-seeking" in his plane. The exact quote, "he got what he deserved." 

How vile, insensitive, and sociopathic can you be? I can understand that mmmaaayyybbeee you can have the opinion that Halladay understood the risks involved when it came to flying a plane. Hell, I can also understand why you would think that Halladay should have been more careful when operating the plane. I get that and I don't think that those takes are unreasonable - albeit insensitive (especially now). However, to come out on the radio and proclaim that any individual deserved to die as a result is absolutely disgusting. It's so repulsive that it makes me sick just thinking that someone would even defend this.

Felger claims that Halladay "got what he deserved" because he ostensibly prioritized the thrill of flying his plane rather than being mindful of his own well-being for the sake of his wife and children. Felger claims that Halladay would rather “joy-ride in the sky” and “risk death” than be a family man (or whatever Felger's definition of that is) and completely disregard his wife's plea to cease the activity. 

Felger, the presumptions that are spewing from your mouth aren't blind to me - and apparently aren't blind to the majority of sports fans in, not just here in New England, but throughout North America. Your cold and insensitive remarks about a man whose wife and children are still grieving reveal exactly what kind of a human being you are. To say that you think that Halladay "got what he deserved" is quite revealing and something that you ought to explore with some good ol' fashion introspection. 

To say that Halladay "got what he deserved" is beyond hasty and shows that you are void of any sort of empathy towards other people. This is a father and a husband - a man renowned and revered within the baseball community, a future Hall of Famer, and a man that has dedicated a huge chunk of his career to charitable work on his own (just Google "Doc's Box" and the "Halladay Family Foundation" because, only an imbecile such as yourself wouldn't know about these things before making such a profoundly stupid comment). To say these things and actually mean them says more about you than it does about the dangers and risks that Halladay may have assumed while flying the plane. It shows that you show no value for human life if someone decides to do things that YOU find "reckless" or "dangerous" or "thrill-seeking" because you simply can't relate to it; as if you ought to be the one to be the barometer for self-worth. Unfortunately for you, there's this giant world outside the bubble that you pride yourself in and it doesn't operate under your assumed morals or way of life. 

No, Halladay did not "get what he deserved" when he flew that plane this week. It was an accident. No one - NO ONE - "deserves" to die when doing things for a thrill; and that is assuming that this was the reason Halladay flew his planes at all! Is it something that apparently you or I would do? No, it's not. But that, in and of itself, does not mean we ought to assume that if someone does do such a thing - even if it's for the thrill - and dies as a result that it is what he or she deserves. That is like saying that if anyone decides to go sky-diving, or ride on a roller-coaster, or do ANYTHING with an ounce of risk and dies as a result, it is then deserved. How anyone could possibly reach that conclusion is not only asinine, it's honestly a bit disturbing. 

I get it. You don't agree with what he did. I get it. You saw the video TMZ posted moments before the plane crash. I get it. You wouldn't do what Halladay did because you like to keep it safe and minimize risks. I get all of this. But to say that another human being - let alone a father and a husband - "got what he deserved" is just sickening, tasteless, and void of any compassion for your fellow man. This wasn't a man under the influence of any substances that chose to put not only his own life but the lives of others in danger. He died as a result of an accident. It's literally that simple. No one "deserves" to die from anything that you find to be risky.

But you don't stop there. You have to beat it to death and rub salt in the open wounds by mocking the activity. You couldn't help to put on a show that I'm almost positive made your co-hosts equally as uncomfortable as almost every person that listens to your garbage take to try to justify your position and prove your point (by the way, you did neither). Do you care if his family hears this? Do you think that if you did something that I found to be risky or unwise and you died as a result that your wife and children would like to hear me mock your death? Do you think they'd say "Wow! This Adam Corsair guy has a point!" as a result of some diatribe that I spew? I hope Karma isn't something you believe in. No one that would put on that kind of performance could possibly believe in that sort of thing, right? 

Halladay didn't "get what he deserved." He didn't. What is deserved is all the justifiable negativity, venom, and vitriol you get, not just nation wide but throughout the entirety of North America. 

Halladay's life and legacy has been celebrated by people that are far more eloquent and qualified to do so than I ever could. This wasn't the Halladay piece I had intended to write, and I had every intention to write my own sort of "eulogy" for one of - if not the - greatest Blue Jays pitcher that I have ever had the privilege to watch every 5th day. But what you did, Felger, is unzip your pants and take a giant piss all over what he stood for and what he represented simply because you thought you were justified in doing so. For no other reason other than you feeding your own ego with your condescending diatribe. 

To say you should be ashamed isn't enough. As a resident of Rhode Island in New England, a die-hard Toronto Blue Jays fans for as long as I can remember, I felt a sense of responsibility to respond to this and portray how putrid and disgusting your remarks were. This is a line that you cannot uncross and I hope you're prepared for the backlash you'll receive. 

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