Game 9 of 162 Takeaways

Article Written by Adam Corsair (@ACorsair21)

I'm going to try to post one of these little quick thoughts after as many games as possible. By doing so, I plan to list what I thought was worth highlighting, both the positives and negatives (but I'll try not to focus so much on the negatives unless they're glaring). With that, here are a few things that I noticed for tonight's game against the Orioles on April 13, 2017 - 

  • Donaldson got another start tonight as the DH, which meant Morales took over first base and Barney took over third. However, in the 6th inning, JD hit a double and clearly aggravated the calf injury he's been nursing. Odds are he'll be hitting the 10-Day DL to give it some much needed rest. I know he's a gamer and all, and I admire his grit, but we have a whole season to play here. Rest up.
  • Liriano got out of the 1st inning! The season may not be over after all!
  • There was NO WAY Donaldson came up short with that infield hit in the 4th. What's the point of replay if you don't see what's actually there?
  • Tulowitzki continued to hit well, grabbing 2 singles in 4 at-bats, striking out only once.
  • Speaking of Tulo, he made a terrific relay throw to Martin to prevent a 3rd overall run from being scored in the 5th, which was very pretty.
  • Liariano finished tonight's game pretty much the complete opposite way that he did in his first outing. You can tell he was in "pissed off mode" as he retired the first 7 batters he faced. However, in the 5th inning, the Orioles were beginning to figure him out, driving in 2 runs on 4 consecutive hits. That, and he seemed to be getting a bit fatigued. He finished tonight going 6.2 innings, throwing 91 pitches - 59 for strikes (65%) - giving up 5 hits, 2 earned runs, offering 10 K's (!), and only 2 walks (!!). His command was sharp during the first 4 innings, but then he seemed to unravel a bit in the 5th (as mentioned). However, a HUGE improvement from his last outing and it can only get better from here. Biagini came in for relief. 
  • The bats for the Jays were still asleep, for the most part, and Gausman didn't do them any favors. He pitched 6 innings, throwing 97 pitches - 63 for strikes (65%) - giving up 5 hits, 1 earned run, issuing 2 walks, and 3 K's. 
  • I'm not saying it's not frustrating. I'm not saying the Jays shouldn't be called out for the lack of offensive production. I'm not saying this won't be a difficult hole to dig out of. I'm just saying, relax. Even if this season ends up being unsuccessful, relax. We don't know how it will unfold, so just enjoy baseball while the weather is nice. 
  • Like I've been saying - Baseball is a very deceptive game.
  • Consider this your alarm, Jays Offense. Wake. Up.
  • Jays fall, 2-1.
  • Player of the Game: Francisco Liriano (10 strikeouts, regardless of the L).

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