Opening Day Takeaways

Article Written by Adam Corsair (@ACorsair21)

I'm going to try to post one of these little quick thoughts after as many games as possible. By doing so, I plan to list what I thought was worth highlighting, both the positives and negatives (but I'll try not to focus so much on the negatives unless they're glaring). With that, here are a few things that I noticed for the Opening Day game against the Orioles on April 3, 2017 - 

  • First thing's first - HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!
  • I can't stress this enough - do not look into the result of this game! Honestly, this isn't the NFL, so not every single game matters as much. I know the inclination is to freak out after an Opening Day loss, but honestly don't overreact. As with any and every baseball season, things will fall into place. Take the off-day tomorrow to shake it off.
  • Pearce looks very comfortable at 1st, and got a warm welcome from the Baltimore crowd. Which... cool!
  • The misplay that happened in the 2nd inning with Carrera and Pillar in left-center field is very rare, but dumb errors such as those will happen to almost every team, unfortunately. It sucks, but don't get all "TIME TO GET A REPLACEMENT LEFT-FIELDER!!" because of one misplay (even though the Jays need to get another left-fielder sooner, rather than later...).
  • These Baltimore fans are just dumb with the whole Bautista thing. Seriously, move on. Haven't they learned that this comes back to bite them every. single. time?
  • Estrada didn't look comfortable at first. Hopefully it was just Opening Day jitters. He fell into a groove come the 4th inning, putting away 10 straight. The end result for Marco was 6 IP, giving up 5 hits, 2 runs (both earned), 2 walks, and 4 K's. Not amazing, but not bad, either.
  • Anyone still concerned with Bautista's arm after that lazer from right to get Chris Davis out in the 3rd? 
  • I can't think of a more juvenile chant than "We Don't Like You!"
  • Pillar is showing much more discipline at the plate. Hopefully this is a sign of progression and not something that will be temporary. Just hold on to the bat, please!
  • Biagini, Howell, and Smith were solid out of the pen. Kept the Jays in it into the 9th.
  • Extra innings on Opening Day? Yes, please!
  • Look, I'm an American and even I don't get the logic of chanting "USA" whenever the Jays are away. It literally makes no sense as a bunch of the players on the team the city is rooting for aren't American. So dumb.
  • Sucks to lose that way. But, as cliché as it sounds, that's just baseball. It's only one loss in the record book, and there are 161 games to go. Don't get down! The Jays will be fine.

What did you think of the game? Anything that I missed that you want to bring up? Let me know in the comments below. 

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