The Weekend Hangover - Episode 7

Ryan of and I join up again to talk all the latest happenings regarding the Toronto Blue Jays. Even though the Jays season is in limbo, there's still plenty to talk about and we make sure to touch on all of it. The main topics of conversation are:

  • The trade deadline and the return the Jays received. How will they benefit the Jays for the future in their goal of becoming consistent contenders.
  • The recent comments regarding Marcus Stroman's attitude and approach on the mound. We support him and feel that his show of emotion will not only help the game become more watchable, but also bring on a youth movement showcasing the fun that baseball provides.
  • Forget McGregor vs. Mayweather! You want some DiManno vs. Di Francesco!
  • Lastly, we explain what it exactly means for Bautista to be placed on Revocable Waivers (hint: nothing) and we encourage those that are freaking out about it to, ya know, stop.

Don't forget to share this with all your fellow Blue Jays fans, as Ryan and I will be doing this (and have been doing this) on a weekly basis!

Thanks for listening!