Jay Bird Watching - Blue Jays Should Be Hall of Famers


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We have a hell of a special show for you as we brought together a great group for our discussion today. Blue Jays fans we were able to get Ian Hunter of Blue Jays Nation & the Daily Hive, Ari Shapiro of the Jays Journal Podcast, and Adam Corsair of South of the 6ix to join us for a who should make the Baseball Hall of Fame if the bar has been lowered by the Era Committee.

First on the plate as always we discuss Toronto Blue Jays News. The Jays have been pretty quiet during the winter meetings thus far. Their only "splash" has been the release of Troy Tulowitzki. The ripples are still fresh and the Jays are on the hook for $38 Mil because of it. In a rare move that helps both sides the Jays now have the roster flexibility that they need to give Lourdes Gurriel Jr. consistent at-bats.

Stroman and Sanchez appear to have a rather large price but that has not stopped the Reds from knocking on the door so far. It has been reported that the Jays are using the James Paxton deal as a comparable. Is that asking a little too much? Russell Martin is the lone veteran left from the recent playoff push. Is he the next to be moved?

Now the meat of the conversation. Harold Baines has been voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame by the Today's Era Committee. How has a career 38.7 WAR player been elected into baseball legends? If this is indeed the new bar for the Hall of Fame where do the Toronto Blue Jays legends rank in comparison. This is what we all dove into during the talks but the below list was compiled before the show. After Roberto Alomar and soon to be elected Roy Halladay are in the Hall of Fame, what other Blue Jays should be joining them seeing stats are secondary to enshrinement now.

As players that happened to play part of the career with the Blue Jays this is how their full careers in WAR rank. All these players have a higher WAR then Harold Baines.

Roger Clemens - 139.6 WAR - Blue Jays WAR 20.3

John Olerud - 58.2 WAR - Blue Jays WAR 22.6

Dave Stieb - 56.7 WAR - Blue Jays WAR 57.1

Fred McGriff - 52.6 WAR - Blue Jays WAR 19.4

Jimmy Key - 49.1 WAR - Blue Jays WAR 29.8

Devon White - 47.3 WAR - Blue Jays WAR 22.3

Tony Fernandez - 45.3 WAR - Blue Jays WAR 37.5

Carlos Delgado - 44.4 WAR - Blue Jays WAR 36.8

Jesse Barfield - 39.4 WAR - Blue Jays WAR 29.5

Special thanks to all of our guests. It truly was a pleasure!

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