Jay Bird Watching - Blue Jays New Year's Resolutions


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In this week’s episode of Jay Bird Watching, the gang discusses what New Year's Resolutions the Blue Jays could make in order to squeak out some extra wins in 2019. Our host Craig Borden was joined by Adam Corsair of South of the 6ix and Hayden Godfrey of Jays Journal.

The Blue Jays just signed Matt Shoemaker to a one year deal. The gang unanimously agreed that this was a solid signing for the Jays. He brings some veteran presence along with someone that possesses some solid upside. Shoemaker projects to be a member of the Blue Jays’ rotation as it currently sits and could be someone that excels with a change of scenery.

Shoemaker is projected to throw around 100 innings this season according to the main projection sites. On Rotochamp.com they are showing a 7-6 record on the season, with 100 strikeouts. This would put him at an ERA around 4.00 and a WHIP around his career average of 1.20. The Blue Jays are a team looking for MLB ready arms to fill out their innings on the mound this season and Shoemaker is an incredible sign on a 1-year deal. His basement numbers is a fail like Jamie Garcia but has the potential to surprise Jays fans like Marco Estrada in 2015.

Now the focus of the show, which was 2019 Blue Jays New Year’s Resolutions. Adam stepped up to the plate first to discuss how the home run ball needs to play for the Jays this season. Regardless that the Jays big thumpers are gone from the days of old, the Jays still have plenty of guys that can pop 20 homers this season. He would really love to see someone run away with it this season and uncork 30. Smoak is probably the best candidate for this but Vlad has some very lofty projections to live up to. Time will tell.

Hayden brought up how the Jays are scraping to fill up the inning on the mound and how do they attack that? It could be with these opener/bullpen games as they truck every rookie arm out during a game once every 5 days. With a new manager in Charlie Montoyo, who is a product of the Rays’ system, this only becomes more likely. The opener has worked for the Rays in the past season and was even adopted by the Brewers in the playoffs.

The Blue Jays could improve at the plate by striking out less and putting the ball in play. Fewer strikeouts can lead to more batters reaching base. The Jays were in the middle of the ballpark on strikeouts last season and in the bottom of walks as a team. With a young team, more baserunners will be key to success.

Listen in to this just over a half hour long episode as the team hashes out these fun conversations.

Happy New Year Blue Jay's Fans!!

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