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Blue Jays Fans, we take a break from the offseason grind for a very special episode of Jay Bird Watching. We assembled an amazing group to discuss which baseball movie stands above them all. We compiled results from votes on Twitter, our contributors, and the MLB.com‘s+ Bleacher Report’s best baseball movies lists. This led to an incredible show with our guests Zach Helton, Hayden Godfrey, and Adam Corsair.

There are tons of great baseball movies ranging from serious stories, to historic, to laugh out loud funny. The list we go through in this show clearly rings true with baseball fans in general. We mentioned that we could have rolled the dice for the votes on 5 different days and had 5 different countdowns. The votes and previous rankings from MLB.com and Bleacher Report were put into a points system with the votes from our fans and site contributors. As the cold calculating math boiled down, our list it definitely struck a cord on what movies could or should have been number one.

Zach Helton (@z_helton), the voice of the Bluefield Blue Jays, locked in his vote for top movie with Bull Durham. A true classic with tons of character led with an incredible cast of Kevin Costner, Susan Sarandon, and Tim Robbins. This Minor League Baseball classic hits home for Zach as a member of the Appellation League family in Bluefield. As he states, this movie is a window into the happenings in Minor League Baseball and truly hits the mark.

Hayden Godfrey (@haydengodfreyy) of Jays Journal was the youngest member of this movie debate and brought the Natural to the table. A movie that came out in 1984 that stands the test of time as one of the best baseball movies ever. Hayden goes on to mention that because of this movie, he pictures the ideal baseball player in comparison to Roy Hobbs.

Adam Corsair (@ACorsair21) joined this conversation in between Toronto Raptors’ Podcasts and his work at SouthOfThe6ix.com to preach why The Sandlot is the best movie in baseball history. An incredible story of a group of friends growing up idealizing Babe Ruth and the Murders Row Yankees. This comedy has it all and has something for everyone. It is infinitely quotable and may have the best catch phrase in all baseball movie history. "You're killing me smalls!" spans generations and is super funny. Adam as a youngster could not wait to rock a pair of PF Flyers, play baseball, and luckily did not have to pickle the beast.

Thanks to all the fans that joined the voting on and a special thanks to our guests who made this one of the fun/funniest episodes we have recorded here on Jay Bird Watching. Make sure you find them on Twitter and join in on the conversation with us on the Top Baseball Movie Countdown.

Coming up we will be kicking off the Jay Bird Watching /South of the 6ix Top 30 Blue Jays Prospects shows. We are going to be having the scouts from Prospects Live join us to discuss the list five players at a time with out contributors. There will also be a New Wednesday Wallop this week coming as we continue to bring you all the Blue Jays content you can handle!

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