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Preseason Toronto Blue Jays Talk!

  • The landscape of the MLB was shaken by the hands of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim as they extended - arguably - the best player in all of baseball, Mike Trout, to a record shattering 12 year $430+M contract. A well-deserved extension for both parties as Trout gets the money that he is due and the Angels lock up a phenom. However, the question that this now raises is, how does this impact the future free agents in the MLB?

  • In Blue Jays news, there isn’t any shortage. The Jays made a few roster moves to prepare for the regular season have raised a few eyebrows. They’ve also implemented some locker-room rules regarding video games. Lastly, they’ve made a monumental and hopefully influential step in the right direction by offering all of their prospects in every level of their developmental system a 50% pay raise.

  • To tackle these and other topics, host Adam Corsair is joined by Connor Chambers of Toronto Sports Views and the TSV Podcast. Connor and Adam touch on a wide variety of topics surrounding the Blue Jays, such as:

    • Mike Trout’s Extension & the Impact on the MLB

    • Elbow Soreness

    • Video Games Being Curfewed

    • MiLB Pay Raise

    • Win Total Predictions

...and so much more!

It’s a Blue Jays centered show that you won’t want to miss!

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Episode 105 - 3/21/19

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