TORONTO Raptors talk

Toronto Raptors Talk

  • Even after the trade involving Kawhi Leonard and DeMar DeRozan, the Raptors have been busy in their attempts to strengthen their squad. They successfully signed Greg Monroe to a 1-year, $2.2MM deal to provide some big-man depth to lessen the load off the shoulders of JV and Serge. 

  • However, despite the team's success last season, as well as acquiring an elite talent in Kawhi, for the 17th straight season the Raptors were denied a Christmas Day game from the NBA. This, of course, angered many fans, but the NBA seemed to have redeemed themselves as the team was granted 15 Nationally televised games during the regular season. It's safe to say, the tide is turning and the Raptors are starting to be taken seriously.

  • To explore these and other topics, host Adam Corsair shares the Main Event with Peter "HB" Kaye of Life In Repeat. Peter & Adam unpack the aforementioned topics, as well as touch on the future of Norman Powell, the impact of DeMar returning to Toronto on February 22, as well as touch on the remainder of the Raptors' newly released schedule. 

It's a Raptors focused podcast that you WON'T want to miss!

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Episode 73 - 08/15/18