DeMar DeRozan To Start in the All-Star Game

According to Chris Haynes on Twitter, DeMar DeRozan not only received enough votes to be a part of the Eastern All-Star Team, he will also be starting.

This is an absolutely huge move that the fans can take some credit for. Thanks to efforts on various social media platforms, DeRozan tallied 796,112 total fan votes, 4th most among starters behind LeBron James (1,893,751), Kyrie Irving (1,696,769), Giannis Antetokounmpo (1,604,463), and topping Jimmy Butler (691,072). Missing from this list is, of course, Kyle Lowry.

Now, I don't want to downplay the gravity of DeRozan starting for an All-Star game that is not taking place in Toronto. It's huge. We've been demanding people to recognize just how good DeRozan keeps getting, year after year. Yet, we can argue that Lowry has been playing at a much higher level, to the extent that he is perhaps the best PG in the East (if not, just behind Isaiah Thomas.... but fuck that).

Regardless, there's reason to believe that Lowry will be selected by the players and coaches. At the level that he has been playing, DeRozan starting on the team, and it doesn't make much media sense for only one member of the second best team in the East to be represented, it should pretty much be in the bag.

That being said, congratulations are in order for Mr. I Am Toronto and his accomplishment! It should not be understated.