DeMar DeRozan To Miss (At Least) The Next 2 Games

So this is pretty bad, to say the least. Along with dropping the past three very winnable games against the 76ers, Hornets, & Suns, it now appears that DeMar DeRozan will be missing the next two games, at the very least. This according to Raptors Media Relations Official Twitter.

We can understand how much of a big blow this will be to a team that's clearly struggling right now. DeRozan has been a pivotal piece when it comes to closing out games and, arguably, a part of one of the best back-courts in the East (maybe the NBA). The other part of that back-court will have to step up in a BIG way, both in leadership and ability on the court; i.e. Kyle Lowry.

The only thing that is encouraging about this epic shittiness is that DeRozan stayed on the court for the better part of the 4th quarter (when the injury occurred), and will be reevaluated at the end of the week. Also encouraging about this news is that the Lowry + Bench unit (The Jurassic 5) have been very reliable for the most part. However, this is assuming that Lowry gets his shit together and isn't committing unnecessary fouls in close game situations.

I mean... for fucks sakes! We can't let the goddamn Celtics climb ahead of us. No....