SOT6 Podcast - Episode 26


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Toronto Raptors in Review

  • The Raptors began their West Coast swing with a handful of games against some competitive teams. On Monday, they played a tough game against the San Antonio Spurs. Wednesday, they played another hard-fought game against the NBA Champions - Golden State Warriors. Closing the week, they played the Lakers in LA in, what I considered to be, a frustrating game.

  • To help break down what happened in these games, as well as preview the upcoming games this week, I have Jordan Kligman (@416Basketball) of Hash Tag Basketball. We talk about the frustrations with the lack of transparency regarding the injury suffered by Jonas Valanciunas, as well as whether we feel this new style of offense is conducive with the players that are on the court. 

Join us for week 2 of the Raptors in Review on the South of the 6ix Podcast!

"Casets" by Drake Stafford
"Blue Bloods" by Auxl Studio

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