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"New Year Vibes"

Toronto Raptors Review/Preview

Weekly Toronto Raptors Review/Preview

Join us for Part 1 of this special JOINT Podcast!

  • The Raptors kick off the New Year with a few questions that should be answered rather quickly. Can they hang with tough competition? Is how they played against OKC a reflection of the type of team they really are? Are they one piece away from really pushing themselves to being the top team in the East? Is Serge not buying into the culture change due to his mishap with a member of the Raptors' staff? 
  • To help examine these and other topics, host Adam Corsair has guest Jordan Kligman of and the Hashtag Raptors Podcast to. Both get deep into the conversation and thoroughly examine the aforementioned issues and other topics as well. Plus, we preview and offer our predictions for this week's game. 

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