Game Review: Raptors vs Warriors


Review Written by Adam Garfield (@AdamThe6God)

The Raptors struggled defensively in the 1st quarter, allowing Draymond Green, Kevin Durant, and Klay Thompson to combine for 29 points.  Toronto allowed the Warriors to record 12 assists, which is an example of great ball movement. Going up against the best offensive team in the NBA, Toronto needed to produce a substantial amount of points to keep the score close. DeMar DeRozan put up 19 points and the rookie OG Anunoby scored 7. Toronto was trailing Golden State 35-43.

Similar to the 1st quarter, the Raptors had problems containing the Golden State offense. Thompson and David West both scored 8 points, while Shaun Livingston provided 6 points of his own. With around 8:25 left in the 1st half, Thompson broke Serge Ibaka's ankles, and the Warriors' bench mimicked Ibaka falling. Toronto trailed 54-81 after a long 1st half.

DeRozan led the comeback attempt with 9 points, while Anunoby added 6 points. Two-time MVP Stephen Curry had 11 points, but other than that, Toronto did a great job of slowing down the Warriors' offense. Ibaka and Jonas Valanciunas combined for 12 points, which also helped the Raptors cut the lead. Toronto trailed by 19 points, cutting the Warrior lead by 8 points. The score was 89-108.

The Raptors went on a 22-5 scoring run through the first half of the 4th quarter, which cut the lead to 2 points. After a floating bank shot from DeRozan with 2:47, Toronto finally took the lead. Fast forward to the last 3 seconds of the game, Curry hit two clutch free throws, which brought the Warriors lead back up to 5 points. As time expired, Toronto's Fred VanVleet drilled a three-pointer, but it didn't matter as the Raptors fell 2 points shy. Toronto was defeated by the Warriors 125-127.

Impression: The Raptors played extremely well against the reigning NBA Champions. They struggled defensively, which is understandable against the best offensive team in the league, but that is what ultimately cost them the game. Toronto was able to craft a huge a comeback in the 2nd half, but they fell a couple points shy. Anunoby played excellent and DeRozan picked up the slack without Kyle Lowry playing.

6ix Best
DeMar DeRozan: 42pts, 5 rebounds
OG Anunoby: 17pts
Serge Ibaka: 14pts, 5 rebounds
Jonas Valanciunas: 12pts, 9 rebounds
Fred VanVleet: 13pts, 5 rebounds, 4 assists
Pascal Siakam: 6pts, 6 rebounds

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