SOT6 Podcast - Episode 37


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"STILL 55, Baby!"

Mid-Season Round Table Toronto Raptors Talk

Weekly Toronto Raptors Review/Preview

  • We have finally reached the numeric halfway point of the season! There is a large amount of data, stats, and information we have to reflect on since the start of the season, but it mostly indicates that this is - by far - the best Toronto Raptors team that the franchise has ever seen. With DeMar DeRozan breaking franchise records, the bench being an extremely important asset for the team, the new style of play becoming more and more comfortable, it's hard to see any downfalls within this team. Top all of that with the uplifting games against Cleveland and Golden State, it's certainly a great time to be a Raptors fan! 
  • To explore the halfway point, Adam Corsair hosts this special ROUND TABLE discussion with guests Zharita May of The Post Up, Curtis Panke of Tip of the Tower, and Mr. Reliable himself - Peter Kaye of Life In Repeat thoroughly unpack these and other topics regarding the team. We reflect on the season thus far and offer our predictions for the end of the season win total for the Raptors. Plus, we answer your Twitter questions!

It's a Raptors ROUND TABLE discussion you do not want to miss!

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