SOT6 Podcast - Episode 91

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"Kawhi vs DeMar Rnd.1"


Weekly Toronto Raptors Talk

  • Although it hasn't been pretty, the Toronto Raptors are still a half game ahead of the Milwaukee Bucks for 1st place in the Eastern Conference and best record in the NBA. Moreover, the team finished with the best combined regular season records for the entire year of 2018. With the shooting slumps and the offensive woes making us a bit uncomfortable as fans, there is still a lot to be hopeful for.

  • Moreover, this week marks the first of two meetings between the Raptors and the Spurs which, thus, means Kawhi Leonard & Danny Green are heading back to San Antonio. What kind of reception will each get? How will former Raptor, DeMar DeRozan, treat this game? We can't forget about Yak & Skillz! One game brings so much drama and excitement at a time where it's desperately needed.

- Injuries that are piling up for this team
- Whether or not we as fans should be concerned
- The importance of the game in San Antonio
- Too Sweet Moment of the Week
- Predictions for the upcoming week, and so much more!

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