All-NBA Teams


Article Written by Hudson Stewart (@hudson_stewart6)

Earlier today, the NBA announced the All-NBA Teams for the 2017-18 season. The press votes on these teams every year, and in the end, it should show 3 teams of the top players from the season. Here are the rosters from this year’s teams:


All-NBA First Team

Damian Lillard- Trail Blazers

James Harden- Rockets

LeBron James- Cavaliers

Kevin Durant- Warriors

Anthony Davis- Pelicans


All-NBA Second Team

Russell Westbrook- Thunder

DeMar DeRozan- Raptors

Giannis Antetokounmpo- Bucks

LaMarcus Aldridge- Spurs

Joel Embiid- 76ers


All-NBA Third Team

Stephen Curry- Warriors

Victor Oladipo- Pacers

Jimmy Butler- Timberwolves

Paul George- Thunder

Karl-Anthony Towns- Timberwolves

This list looks pretty good to me, but there are some things that I disagree with. First of all, Steph Curry only played in 51 games this year, which I think should put him out of the running, even though he had a great year. I would’ve given that spot to Ben Simmons. I also don’t think Jimmy Butler should be on there. He plays for Minnesota, who was the 8th seed this year, and since they already have Towns on the list, it doesn’t make sense to give this team who barely made the playoffs two All-NBA players. I think Butler should’ve been replaced by Al Horford or Rudy Gobert.

In my opinion, the All-NBA Teams are the most accurate representation of who were the best players for a season. A lot of people point to All-Star appearances as a way to measure how good a player’s career was, but All-star selections only take into account the first part of the schedule, and not the last 20-30 games during the stretch run. It would be really easy for a player to play really well through February, and get named to an All-Star team, only to fall off in the second half, so that’s why the All-NBA list is important. Overall, I think All-NBA teams should get more weight given to them for things like Hall-of-Fame voting, and the overall value of a player’s career. It just makes more sense, so hopefully people start paying more attention the All-NBA Teams instead of All-Star appearances.

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