Game Review: Raptors vs Cavaliers (Round 2 - Game 2)


Review Written by Adam Garfield (@AdamThe6God)

Toronto got off to a great start in Game 2. DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry combined for 19 points - more than half of the Raptors points in the quarter. With 58.6 seconds remaining in the 1st, DeRozan threw down a huge dunk over the Cavs. The crowd went wild and the bench mob was hyped up. The Raptors contained LeBron James to only 4 points in the period, but they allowed Kevin Love to drop 10 points. Toronto led the Cavs 29-26.

LeBron dropped 12 points in the 2nd quarter, and the Raptors had no answers on how to stop him. Cleveland's Jeff Green added on 8. Fred VanVleet and Lowry both put up 8 points in the period. At the 7:15 mark in the quarter, Lowry got an and-1 after being fouled by Jeff Green as he made the layup. The Raptors were ahead 63-61 going into halftime.

It was a completely different game coming out of the break and in the 3rd quarter. Rather than it being the Raptors vs the Cavs, it was Raptors vs LeBron. Including assists and points scored, LeBron was responsible for 30 points in the 3rd quarter. The Raptors only scored 24 in the period, so it just goes to show how dominant LeBron was. C.J. Miles was the only bright spot for Toronto as he scored a team high 8 points in the period. The Raptors now trailed the Cavaliers 87-98.

Just like the 3rd quarter, LeBron was again too much to handle for Toronto. James dropped 12 points in the quarter with ease. DeRozan led the Raptors with 9 points, but the game was way too out of hand to even consider making a comeback. With 2:34 remaining in the game, both teams emptied their benches and let their reserves play. The Raptors were defeated by the Cavaliers 110-128, led by LeBron James. (CLE leads 2-0).

Impression: The Raptors have their backs against the wall, and their only chance at making a comeback is to win both games in Cleveland. If we go two years back to when Toronto was in the conference finals against Cleveland, the Raptors were able to take two games in Cleveland after being down 0-2. The Raptors need to get their act together so their season doesn't end earlier than expected.

6ix Best
DeMar DeRozan: 24pts, 3 assists
Kyle Lowry: 21pts, 4 rebounds, 8 assists
Jonas Valanciunas: 16pts, 12 rebounds, 
Fred VanVleet: 14pts, 4 assists
Jakob Poeltl: 8pts, 2 rebounds
C.J. Miles: 8pts

*Honorable mention - LeBron James: 43pts, 8 rebounds, 14 assists

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