SOT6 Podcast - Episode 124

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Weekly Toronto Raptors Talk!

  • My god. It couldn’t have been scripted any better. In a sequence that was 18 years in the making, it was simply poetic justice for the Toronto Raptors. A back and forth contest between the Raptors and the 76ers kept fans of both teams in suspense in what could possibly be the greatest game in Toronto Raptors’ history. This is why Masai made the trade for Kawhi Leonard in July of 2018. This is why you trade away the franchise player in DeMar DeRozan; for moments like this. Just incredible.

  • To break down the entire game and previewing the Eastern Conference Finals, host Adam Corsair is joined by the Icon… the Showstopper… the Main Event… the Entertaining & Sexy - Mr. Peter “HB” Kaye of Life in Repeat. Peter and Adam take a deep dive into what’s been on the mind’s of Raptors fans, such as:

    • The Moment

    • Serge Arrived

    • Gen. Lowry

    • ECF

    • Predictions

It’s a Raptors podcast that you won’t want to miss!

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Drake Stafford - “Casets”
Jim Johnston - “Sexy Boy”

Written, Produced, & Edited: Adam Corsair

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