SOT6 Podcast - Episode 140 w/Peter Kaye

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"Therapy Redux"


Weekly Toronto Raptors Talk!

  • Well, here we go. We didn’t think we’d have to do this, but here we are. Inevitably, host Adam Corsair & special guest Peter “HB” Kaye of Life In Repeat will be holding another Therapy Session. This time, it comes after the Raptors were unable to re-sign Kawhi Leonard as he takes his talents to Los Angeles with the Clippers. How could this have happened? What does this mean for the franchise moving forward? Where do the Raptors go from here?

It’s a special edition of the South of the 6ix Podcast that you will not want to miss!

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Drake Stafford - “Casets”
Jim Johnston - “Sexy Boy”

Written, Produced, & Edited: Adam Corsair

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